Unlock a new way of instructing

through understanding functional anatomy,
philosophy of Yin Yoga, key concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine
and Yin yoga teaching methodology.

Deepen your understanding of your student's abilities and limitations so that they keep returning to their mat.

Yin Yoga is on the rise because people are beginning to understand that true health and wellbeing is dependent on finding balance in all aspects of life. There is a growing wisdom that dynamic activities, including dynamic styles of yoga, must be tempered with slower practices such as Yin Yoga and meditation. 

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Leonie Lockwood

For open-minded, curious yoga teachers and students

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to teach yoga, one that doesn’t involve putting your students into uncomfortable, unsustainable postures?

Maybe you’ve considered teacher training, but it’s been hard to find like-minded, compassionate and curious people and an inclusive space to learn.

Would you love to arm yourself with new skills, but also build connections, exchange ideas and ask questions in an intimate environment, not be just one of many in a crowded course?

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Leonie is supportive and comprehensive. Understanding the uniqueness of your own and others bodies is key to transforming your own practice and your teaching style. Yoga teachers can apply the knowledge gained in these courses for the benefit of their students in all styles of yoga.
Yin Yoga teacher training with Leonie Lockwood

Yoga teachers, teach internationally with these Yoga Alliance International certified courses.

Leonie Lockwood

Yin Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Yoga profoundly changed my life. And learning Yin Yoga profoundly changed my teaching. It changed to a more inclusive approach, where ALL students felt supported, not just the bendy few.

Studying with my teachers Paul & Suzee Grilley (founders of Yin Yoga), my eyes were opened to new and inclusive ways in which to share my love of yoga.

It's now my mission to share these concepts with other yoga teachers and keen Yin yoga students.

Qualifications & experience
  • 11+ years of yoga teaching experience
  • 19 + years of yoga practice
  • 550 hours of Yin yoga study with Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley
  • Amrit Yoga Nidra
  • 1000+ hours of yoga training
  • 3000+ hours of class, workshop and training instruction
  • 80 hours Melbourne Meditation Centre
  • Certificate IV & Diploma qualifications in Remedial Massage
  • Certificate IV & Diploma in Clinical Pilates
  • Graduate Diploma Adolescent Health, Melbourne University
  • Bachelor of Arts - Youth Affairs - RMIT
  • National qualifications in meditation, and training and assessment.
Leonie Lockwood Yoga Teacher

Sophie Brandt

Leonie really takes you along this beautiful Yin journey to inspire and take your future yogis on this journey with you. I feel like a capable human again, it has opened up a whole realm of possibilities for me.

Leanne Roulston

Leonie teaches in a very human and accessible way. While the information is thorough, there is also humour and flair which helps to engage students and keep them interested.

Michelle Haber

Leonie has a wealth of knowledge and an innate understanding of the vastness of Yin Yoga. She has given me all the tools I need as well as an understanding of the complexity and subtleties of this practice on all it's levels - physical, mental, emotional, energetic. I am very grateful to have had this training and learning.

Karyn Hunter

Leonie's depth of knowledge on all things Yin is phenomenal. Her direct connection to the founders of Yin adds an authenticity to the course that I am sure is unmatched in Melbourne.