You want to bring Chinese Medicine philosophies into your teaching but don't know how

I get it

Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with yoga is not covered in a 200-hour teacher training course.

And neither should it be. It is, after all, an entirely different modality. And, just like yoga, it's backed by thousands of years of knowledge and practice and deserves its own study and exploration.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga

with Leonie Lockwood

When I was first introduced to some of the key philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a Yin yoga training, I left the training not sure how to apply what I had just learnt. I was confused as to how it segued with yoga. What I learned challenged my core thinking as to how and what I viewed as yoga. And, to be honest, I wasn't really sure what this modality had to offer yoga.

But I'm persistent, so I took further study with notable teachers, had many years of Chinese Medicine treatment for myself, consulted with practitioners and read numerous books on the subject.

I distilled my learning of this rich modality down to what I believe is relevant for yoga teachers and yoga students because not all of us want to do a 5-year degree in Chinese Medicine. But a solid grounding in some of the key philosophies will set you up to teach sublime classes.

By understanding how Yin yoga and Chinese Medicine intersect, you'll be able to guide yourself and your students down different pathways of energy exploration.
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Who is this for?

  • Yoga teachers who want to create inventive themes and sequences for their classes using the concepts of TCM

  • Yoga teachers and students who know that key principles of TCM are integrated into Yin yoga but don't understand how

  • Dedicated yoga students who want to dive deeper into their Yin yoga practice

  • Busy yoga parents who find it difficult to get away for in-person trainings

  • New and mature yoga facilitators wanting to upskill and add to their teaching tool kit

  • Students who've previously completed Yin yoga trainings where TCM wasn't presented

  • Students who want a short refresher on TCM to revitalise their current knowledge

What you'll learn:

  • Concepts to help you create sequences that stimulate and/or nourish Yin and Yang energies for your own personal use, or for your yoga classes

  • Ancient wisdom as a building block for meaningful theme development to support your sequences. Create classes that students return to over and over again

  • The relationship between the physical and energetic bodies so you know how to influence Yin and Yang with the practice of Yin yoga

  • How ancient philosophies can be applied in the present times, so you can modify your own lifestyle for optimal health and share this wisdom with your students

Leonie Lockwood

Yin Yoga Instructor & Trainer

I believe in kindness and simplification. I've come to these beliefs over 20+ years of teaching, seven of these running Yin yoga teacher trainings where over 90% of students report high to very high rates of satisfaction.
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Are you ready to dive deeper with your learning?

Over 8 hours you'll learn:

  1. The link between the meridians and myofascial structures so you can create sequences to influence the flow of Qi, to support a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang in the body
  2. How to use the Five Elements and Meridian Clock to create themes and sequences to help your students return to class, time and time again
  3. How you can use TCM to bring a natural, easeful balance to your own rhythm of life, so that it more closely mirrors the cycles of nature

What's included

  • 8 hours of interactive content, quizzes and yoga classes valued at $149

  • A downloadable workbook of Yin yoga poses and their relationship to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine to accompany your training valued at $90

  • Downloadable Five Element workbook/journal valued at $125

  • Discussion board support as you progress through the learning material (invaluable)

  • Access to all online material and updates for a period of 12 months from time of purchase (invaluable)

  • Downloads of sequences for you to implement in your own practice or with your students (invaluable)


  • Module 1

    Examine some of the essential principles of TCM so as to understand health from a more holistic point of view than what Western medicine offers

  • Module 2

    Dive deeper into key aspects of the energetic highway. Map pathways and their overlap with myofascial structures of the physical body. You'll finish the module with a clear roadmap of this meridian highway and how you might use it in your yoga teaching and practice.

  • Modules 3 & 4

    Investigate and reflect upon philosophies that explore the lifestyle aspect of TCM. You'll learn how these concepts can be used to create class sequences and themes to spice up your yoga teaching.

  • Bonuses

    * Workbooks for each of the 5 elements with journaling prompts for reflection.
    * Workbook of over 60 Yin yoga poses with meridians and associated myofascial target areas.
    * Certificate of completion

This program is for you if

  • you want to dive deeper into your yoga practice

  • you want to explore TCM in a way that makes complex topics reasonably simple to understand

  • you're after a teacher steeped in authenticity and able to laugh at herself

  • you're prepared to add different modalities to your teaching

This program's NOT for you if

  • you're ticking boxes to get yoga teaching work

  • you expect to do a five-year Traditional Chinese Medicine qualification in eight hours

  • you equate a good yoga teacher by the number of their Instagram followers and their ability to rock a crop top/handstand/arm balance, and so on

  • you can't take time throughout the day for a few minutes to observe and reflect on how the external natural world is mirrored internally

  • you don't believe TCM and yoga should mix

Are you in?

Here's my guarantee

You'll have access to this material for 12 months after purchase. I'm confident you'll love how the concepts of TCM are presented in this course. If not, get in touch for a full refund.


  • How much time is required?

    Approximately 8 hours of study, practice and reflection is included in this module.

  • How fast can I progress through the online content?

    So that you’re not overwhelmed with content, new material is released weekly segments over 5 weeks. We recommend around 1-2 hours’ study per week for 5 weeks.

  • Will I have access to any support as I go through the program?

    Yes, you’ll be able to use the discussion board on the learning platform and receive timely responses from Leonie.

  • What do I need for the course?

    A computer with good internet reception and a quiet space for you to practice meditation and asana. A willingness to accept that energy exists and to experiment with it. A notebook and pen for reflection and journaling.

  • What if it's not what I expect?

    Life isn’t like we always expect. Embracing the unknown and taking risks is part of growth and change. If after completing the program, and you can provide evidence of your study via workbooks, then let us know and a 100% refund is yours, no questions asked.

  • Will I get a certificate?

    You’ll receive a certificate of completion when 100% of the material has been completed. We are unable to provide points for continuing education/professional development with Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia as neither of these organisations recognise the integration of TCM philosophies in Yin Yoga.

Change up your teaching and yoga practice now with this step-by-step training