You don't need to do Yin yoga teacher training

There. I said it.

And I'm a Yin yoga educator.

But if you want to be a yin yoga teacher who provides enormous value to the students that present at your classes, then it helps to have more than a cursory knowledge of the subject.

After all, Yin yoga looks pretty easy to teach from an outsider's point of view. Simply cue your students into a pose, tell them to stay for about 5 minutes, murmur a few encouraging phrases whilst watching the time, and then cue them out. It's then rest time for a minute or two and then the cycle begins again with the next pose. Oh, add in a backdrop of calming music and Bob's your uncle.

Except. It's. Not. That. Simple.

Paul Grilley, founder of Yin yoga, reminds teachers that "You don't have to be more advanced physically, emotionally or spiritually than your students. But you do need to provide a safe place for them to practice."

Now the feelings of safety come from a range of places, not the least being that your teacher knows how to put a class together that encompasses all students in the space. If your head is above water whilst your teaching but you're peddling furiously underneath each and every class, then it's likely that you're not providing the type of quality class that you've dreamed of for your students.

Once you understand the essential, basic frameworks to build safe Yin yoga classes then it just takes your motivation, presence and practice to deliver well-considered, safe and inspirational classes for your students.

Leonie's depth of knowledge on all things Yin is phenomenal. Her direct connection to the founders of Yin adds an authenticity to the course that I am sure is unmatched in Melbourne.

Karyn Hunter

Yin yoga teaching methodology unpacks:

  • Your broader intent as a teacher

  • Where the bhava of a yoga class really begins

  • The components required to hold a safe yoga space so that your students feel at ease and able to practice freely

  • A variety of sequencing options for Yin yoga classes so you have options on which to draw

  • How to bring themes alive in your yin yoga classes

  • Over 60 Yin yoga poses with variations and modifications

Leonie Lockwood

Yin Yoga Instructor & Trainer

I believe in kindness and simplification. I've come to these beliefs over 20+ years of teaching, seven of these running Yin yoga teacher trainings where over 90% of students report high to very high rates of satisfaction.

Move beyond the superficial

  • Chapter 1
    As you dive into teacher's intent, communication, language and cueing, you'll learn the essentials of the teacher/student connection and dialogue, so you create meaningful relationships with your students.

  • Chapter 2
    You'll learn a variety of sequence frameworks for your teaching toolkit. This way you'll have yet another way of communicating with your students.

  • Chapter 3
    Support your well-crafted sequence with thoughtful themes. You'll learn how to weave philosophy, poetry, music as tools for support for your learning container.


  • Short videos and audio to assist with your learning

  • A downloadable workbook with exercises to stimulate your thinking

  • Mini quizzes

  • A downloadable PDF of over 60 Yin yoga poses

  • Two 60-minute Yin yoga classes

With over five hours of interactive learning, quizzes and practice, you'll leave with the tools you need to design, sequence and theme your Yin yoga classes.

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