Student Committment

• I have clarified any outstanding questions I may have via email before submitting this registration. • I understand that at times, the training is experiential and may require me to explore on a deeper level my inner world. As such I will take full responsibility for my own health and wellbeing and my actions throughout the training. • I will communicate any challenges or needs that may arise with the facilitator and/or assistant. • I understand that certification will only be provided with 100% attendance and completion of theoretical/practical assessments. • I understand that if I miss any of the course, that I may be required to make up those hours with the Teacher Trainer, prior to the course finishing at a rate of $100 per hour. • Additional fee is at the trainer's discretion • I agree to attend the training with an open, curious mind. • I understand that my place in the course is not secure until full payment has been made. • I have read, understood and agree fully with this Student Commitment and the Terms and Conditions outlined in the separate link below, which details the Refund Policy. *